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June 15, 2019

"Since the dawn of time beauty and fashion have been synonymous with each other and prevalent in our culture. They have evolved from various displays of status, like the frock coats worn during the 1700s, to expressions of personal style and art. Personal style has always been defined as an extension of oneself, as well as a lens of how the wearer sees themselves and their place in the world.


As America embraced advertising in the 1950s—falling in love with the notion that men no longer lived to work, but they worked to live(and rebel) in the process—style soon became all about image. Now we seek the tailored fit that also offers versatility, affordability, and timelessness. Skincare has also taken priority in our self-care culture as America now emerges towards the forefront of style and beauty trends.


With Father’s Day right around the corner here are a few ideas to keep yourself and the guy in your life who does things a little differently ahead of the curve.


  1. Dopp Kits:


The ability to quickly adapt to situational changes is an extremely useful skill to have while traveling. Whether the day starts at 5a and ends at 11p or he wakes up in one city and falls asleep in another, maintaining the perfectly coiffed and groomed look while on-the-go is essential.


  1. Pocket Knives: 


Known for being one of the most functional tools around, pocket knives are iconic and carried by the everyday man. Step it up a notch by completely customizing it around the guy who always does things differently himself and giving him a unique item that he’ll use for years to come.


  1. Skincare:


It’s no secret that self-care is the best kind of care you can give yourself. Why not show him that you care by giving him the tools to up his skin care routine. With endless options, ranging from our wild tobacco hand salve to our chamomile and green tea body wash, finding the right combination helps him avoid irreversible skin damage.


  1. Sunglasses


Nothing elevates an outfit more than a good pair of sunglasses and it’s important to get the right pair that protects his eyes from the ever-changing elements. A good rule when buying a new pair of sunglasses is to go with a shape that doesn’t match your face. For instance, softer edges complement a square face, rounder faces will benefit from sunglasses with angular frames. For a trendier pair that will last a lifetime, go wild with a pair of mirrored lenses."


Eli Stewart

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