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October 17, 2019

Five NFL Inspired Haircuts for the Fall

It’s not often we get to see NFL players with their helmets off, however over the years more and more players are investing more into their style proving that they possess style on and off the field. Here are a few haircuts inspired by NFL’s most stylish guys to help you amp up your look with a little versatility—regardless if you have curly, wavy, straight, or thick hair. 

  1. The Undercut with Curls (inspired by Odell Beckham) 

The undercut is effortless, versatile and adds that extra layer of class and refinement to any wearer. One of the many reasons this particular style has always been popular is because of how unique and creative you can make it. Amplify your look by going for a sleek. curly fade to make it suave or add that element of simplicity and pizzazz with a neat drop fade. For the modern man desiring to add sophistication and zest to his look, the temple fade will serve you well—even if you don’t add in the blonde tips. 

  1. The Comb Over Fade (inspired by Julian Edelman) 

No longer sported by vintage lovers or Hollywood royalty and icons, the comb over fade is the ultimate modern and suave hairstyle that adds an extra element of style and edginess to any look. Add that extra layer of trendiness by aiming for a high fade with a deep part or both rebellious and classy with a low fade. A taper fade is highly recommended for the modern guy who prefers to have the best of both worlds. 

  1. The Mohawk Fade (inspired by Patrick Mahomes) 

Arguably the most statement-making haircut of all time, the classic Mohawk has received a modern update by pairing it with a fade—making it ideal for the modern-day rebel. The taper fade adds that level of sleek sharpness and ultra-modern look that is a universal head-turner. For a subtle but edgy approach to the fade that’s versatile enough to pass for the office, ask your barber for a low fade. 

  1. Disconnected Undercut (inspired by Travis Kelce) 

Because there are no restrictions as to how long or short your hair needs to be in order to pull it off, the disconnected undercut is highly recommended for the guys who prefer a more contemporary look. Add an extra layer of dimension by mixing it with a tapered haircut. Make it modern and combine it with a fade or make it both formal and casual with an undercut for any occasion. 

  1. Various Parts (inspired by Antonio Brown) 

Nothing screams experimental more than adding a part or design. For a retro look with a creative modern twist that adds a high level of contrast and coolness, add a hard part. Experimenting with shaved lines adds a little imagination to any hairstyle and pairing it with a hairstyle that goes beyond the norm, adds a level of spiciness to your look—if done properly. 


Eli Stewart

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