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October 02, 2018


Barbershops have long been a hotbed of conversation. On any given afternoon, barbers and patrons can be found discussing and debating a variety of topics that run the gamut from sports to politics. They’re also great places to get advice on everything from real estate to first dates.

On a recent trip to Artisan Barber, the topic of conversation in the room turned to the job market and the do’s and don’ts of choosing the right look for an interview.

Artisan Barber proprietor, Charlie McCoy suggests consistency for the guy who may be doing several rounds of interviews. “One thing they say about a well-groomed man is that his hair doesn’t change,” McCoy advises. “What you want to keep in mind is that when you’re in a job hunt, it’s 24/7. You don’t know who you’ll run into, so you’re always going to want to look your best.”

Master Barber, Danny Martinez had some fashion advice built around color psychology. “Wear a blue tie,” Martinez suggests. “Blue is very friendly and very welcoming. That’s why a lot of presidents and heads of state wear blue ties.” When pressed that our current president is known for wearing a signature red tie, Martinez opined: “Red is a sign of power and aggression” and probably not suitable for a job interview.

As for which power suit to wear, Martinez has a few standard rules of thumb. Keep it neutral. Keep it professional. As for what not to wear, he emphatically says: “black is too formal and khaki is too casual.” For the right look, he suggests wearing “a navy or grey suit” that is solid, and not striped or patterned. “I wouldn’t do any other color, unless it’s summertime and hot outside. Then, tan is acceptable.”

As for watches, bracelets, chains, etc.., both McCoy and Martinez recommend removing all piercings and abiding by Coco Chanel’s rule, which is to look in the mirror before you leave the house and remove one accessory item before heading out the door.

“One of the best ways to make sure that you’re always interview-ready is to have a great relationship with your barber,” McCoy advises. “Because your barber is going to make sure that your hair, wardrobe and look is always going to be on-point.”

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