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April 10, 2018

Pomades, Creams and Fiber… What Are the Differences?

If you want to look and feel your best, you need tools. Here's a quick rundownof  the differences between pastes, fiber, and hair creams before you use them.


Hair Pastes

Hair pastes are ideal for all hair types, styles, and lengths of hair, from fine to thick, disheveled to combed and short to long. Hair pastes are slightly thicker than pomades in consistency. The texture and consistency is similar to glue.

Hair paste will give you a medium to very firm hold, while leaving your hair with a natural semi-matte finish. Pastes can also add a touch of shine to your hair.


Artisan Barber Texture Pastehas the perfect infusion of healthy ingredients, such as Coconut and Argan oil. You’ll find that paste pomades not only gives your hair added texture, thickness and definition, it also nourishes the hair.


Fiber is used for texture or spiking, instead of the wet, sleek appearance pomade provides. The dryness of fiber lets you achieve the bedhead look along with a natural matte finish. Artisan Barber Matte Fiber is a great option.

Fiber is very similar to pomade because it binds the hair strands. You probably won’t want to run your fingers through your hair; otherwise, you may pull out a few strands of hair.

Hair Cream

Hair creams are perfect for creating texture and a adding a bit of shine without damaging or tangling the hair. Creams do not provide a gloss or the weight of pomade, and they do not have that powerful, dry hold of clays and fibers.

Whether you desire more hold or more shine, creams have the ability to create what you may be aiming for. Our moisture-rich men's styling cream smoothes and softens hair. For example, out Control Cremenot only softens and smoothes the hair, it provides definition that’s frizz-free with a low-shine quality. Creams are ideal for creating the disheveled, bedhead look.

We suggest adding Artisan Barberto your grooming regimen because they can be ‘mixed and matched’ to achieve numerous hairstyles.

Happy Grooming

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