September 24, 2018



To beard, or not to beard, that is the question:

Whether ‘tis hipper on the street to suffer

The dryness of an unkempt facial mane,

Or to take arms against a sea of stubble

And by opposing shave them.

Hamlet had it rough in this excerpt from an early draft of the eponymously named tragedy by Shakespeare. And although the Bard ultimately decided to go in a different direction in the final version of his play about the indecisive Prince of Denmark, the debate over men’s grooming continues over 400 years later.

To Beard: Keep is kissable. Keep it soft. Keep that beardruff at bay!

For the guy who chooses to have a beard, there comes a time in his life when he realizes that runoff water and product in the shower from shampoos and conditioners may actually be harming his beard. Worse yet, in addition to making his beard hair brittle, those products can dry the skin underneath, giving him a condition a bad as the pimples of his teenage years – beardruff.

Artisan Barber’s Grooming Oil is the perfect antidote for brittle bristles or the beardruff blues. For daily use out-of-the-shower or touch-ups before going out, our natural blend of almond and soybean oils eliminates facial dryness and prevents breakage, while the peppermint oil keeps it kissably soft.

Not To Beard: Keep it smooth. Keep it supple. Throw that can away!

If you’re one of those guys who’s still using the same brand of drug store shaving cream-in-a-can that father used when you first started using a razor, it’s time to change it up. Inside a can of aerosol shaving cream you’ll find a witches brew of propylene glycol, surfactants chemicals and a host of other agents that will dry your skin and harm the environment. On top of that, even the costlier brands smell cheap.

Apothecary Shave Cream by Artisan Barber is unique lightweight blend of essential oils and vitamins designed to condition the beard and protect sensitive skin for a perfect and precise shave. Just wet your face and smooth on a drop to massage and lather into your beard. You’ll feel the peppermint oil go to work as it stimulates circulation and an invigorates dry skin with each swipe of your razor. On top of it all, elegantly packaged in a recyclable plastic tube, it shows nosy visitors who peek in your medicine cabinet that you’re as smart as you look.

Apothecary Shave Cream and Grooming Oil are available exclusively through Artisan Barber. Stop by the shop on Second Avenue and 90th Street in Yorkville or order anytime online here.


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