We only have one rule in grooming: Honor thy Hair"

March 01, 2018

We only have one rule in grooming: Honor thy Hair

Clients often ask if we mind when they try different services with other artists at our location? We can't speak for other but here's our take:


For our group, this is a simple one, everyone who works with us can cut. Our barbers like to work as a team. We're all trying to support the brand and the grooming needs of the entire community. But if your local shops are questionable, then here's a tip.


Let’s say you desperately need to schedule an appointment, but your barber is booked solid for the next two weeks (it happens). It’s understandable that you need to use a completely different barbershop. Or, let’s say a new shop opened up down the street and you want to check it out.


Before choosing a shop, simply ask your barber if he/she could recommend a good barber - in the event there are no available appointments. If your intention is to check out a new shop in town, you might not want to reveal this to your barber.


We understand that everyone has a right to choose where they want to do business. All barbers are not insecure. We support change and we believe change is good. However, the thing that makes a barber cringe is when clients choose barbers with subpar skills or a shop that offers the cheapest rates in town. Remember, not all barbers are from the same caliber, so seek out quality if you can,  or in other words " Honor thy Hair"



Charles Mccoy