Highlighting the Best Black Hairstyles From These Decades

Highlighting the Best Black Hairstyles From These Decades

Black History Month is finally here, and with its arrival it’s only right we highlight some of the finest moments of Black history. Now, this is not to say that Black history can only be celebrated in the month of February because after all Black history is a part of history β€” period. However, this is just another way in which we can honor Black culture.

One of the ways that we’ve decided to highlight Black culture this month goes right in line wit hour field of work, the grooming and hair industry. Hair in the Black community is not a trend, although over the years many people have mistaken it as being so. Black hair represents our ancestors and the braiding styles they started, and the capabilities our hair has of doing different hair styles because of our texture. Black hair is meaningful and beautiful and to represent that we decided to highlight top Black hairstyles from the 70s and on.

The 70’s:

- Donna Summer - The Queen of Disco was known for this particular hairstyle of her’s that rocked the 70’s.

- Diana Ross - The afro was popular for both women and men at the time and Diana killed this natural look effortlessly .

The 80’s:

- Whitney Houston - This was a popular hairstyle of the 80’s for nearly everyone, of course Whitney rocked it the best.

- Ice Cube - The famous Jheri Curl, this hairstyle was made even more popular by the rapper and made the hair easier to take care of because of its β€œwash and wear” style.

The 90’s:

- Janet Jackson - The famous Poetic Justice braids that Janet dawned for her role as Justice in β€œPoetic Justice” are rising in popularity today; which makes sense because it isa protective hairstyle and cute at that.

- Will Smith - The actor made the β€œflat top” hairstyle his own on his show β€œFresh Prince of Bel-Air.” While his was on the shorter side, in the 90’s flat tops or high top fades as they were also known as, could be incredibly tall in height; just look at Kid n Play for reference!

The 2000’s:

Hairstyles from the early 2000s to now vary differently. In the early 2000s microbraids and short haircuts with bold highlights were an everyday look. Nowadays, we see more dreads, locs, waves, lace front wigs as well as different protective hairstyles ranging from knotless braids to faux locs in more.

Regardless all of them are beautiful and perfectly describe the versatility and uniqueness of the Black community. Use these hairstyles as inspiration for your next hairstyle, you never know what could become your signature look