3 Short Hair Styling Tips from Our Stylists

3 Short Hair Styling Tips from Our Stylists

Although your tresses may be short that doesn’t mean they don’t require routine maintenance. When it comes to styling short hair there are a lot of different factors that may affect the process. Your hair type, its density, even if it’s dyed all affects how you choose to wear it out.

Our very own barber-stylist, Sara Grace Judge, has been killing the short hair look since 2013and she has a few tips she recommends for anyone looking to rock shorter locks.

Texture and density matters. As previously mentioned these aspects of your hair play a big role in how you should manage it. For instance, with finer hair, your focus will be to get more volume in it. So, Judge recommends β€œshampooing every other day to maintain hydration.”

With thicker and coarser hair, you don’t have to shampoo it as often, as it already maintains volume easier than thin hair, and it’s denser.

Choose products wisely. The products you choose to use in your hair can quite literally make or break it. For finer hair, Judge advises against any heavy or shiny products such as pomade, unless that is truly the specific look you’re going for.

β€œFor fine hair I always recommend something lighter like a texture spray, or a sea salt spray, even a lightweight cream such as Artisan Barber’s Grooming Cream,” she shares. β€œThe grooming cream is really great for not only all hair textures but also fine hair as long as you don’t use too much.

”For people with thick hair, you have a bit more leeway. Pomades, gels, and other heavy products can be your friend as it won’t weigh down your hair as much given its density. It won’t look greasy as it could possibly look with finer hair.

Don’t forget to style your hair. By this Judge means you can’t simply just add product to your hair and expect it to work efficiently, you actually have to style your hair to get optimal results. A blow dryer is her biggest key to getting the look she wants and Judge strongly suggests using ablow dryer before using products to make sure your style holds for the entirety of the day.

By simply adding product to your hair without previously styling it, you’re just holding your hair in the state it was previously in. No change, at least a major one and the one you want, will occur. You have to make a physical change to your hair strand, in order for it to hold for the entire day. So, whether you want to keep that cowlick down, or get your bangs right, remember this particular step. A blow dryer and then some product can go a long way.

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