Having Fun With Facial Hair and Beards

Having Fun With Facial Hair and Beards

In what feels like this never-ending pandemic, we may find ourselves reaching that level of boredom we first felt at the start of Covid-19. Then and now, we may be looking for ways to spice up our days and add a little more excitement to our lives, even if it’s in the smallest of ways.

For some this can be as small as starting an invigorating, new documentary or picking up an unconventional hobby. For others it could mean playing around with different looks and experimenting with their appearance. That’s where we step in.

Rather than going the typical route and bleaching or dying your hair, although that’s a fine idea too, why not go crazy with your facial hair? Worst comes to worst, you can always shave it off if you don’t like the final look. But, since we’re in a pandemic with little else to do, why not take some of these risks and have fun with your beard, mustache and more.

● Bleach it. Whether you bleach your mustache, beard or what have you, it’s definitely a bold look that attracts attention. This look is especially fitting for those who like a little thrill and like to color outside the lines because after all this look isn’t typically for those who are more traditional. Without a doubt, a bleached beard will bring some light to these cold and dark winter days.

● Dye it. A step up from bleaching your facial hair. Some people dye their beards, specifically, to make it appear fuller, in this case you can either do that, choosing a color similar to that of your natural hair, or go crazy and dye something daring like blue. Regardless, don’t hold yourself back and just have fun with it!

● Forget shaving. If you’ve always kept it clean cut, there may be no better time than now to let your facial hair grow as long as you want. Naturally, it’s important to keep it clean and moisturized but if you’ve ever wondered what you look like with an incredibly longbeard, don’t hesitate to try it out now.

● Try out different shaving styles. By this we mean that this could be the perfect opportunity for you to try out a goatee, a β€œFrench fork”, an β€œimperial” and more. These are all different ways that shave your beard. You can use the internet as inspiration for when you’re ready to experiment.

For optimal results it’s always best to go to a professional barber-stylist and our barber-stylists at Artisan Barber and Orchard & Ludlow, can definitely bring these ideas to life. Book with us today