Clay vs Paste: Which is Better for Your Hair?

Clay vs Paste: Which is Better for Your Hair?

Two of the most effective (and popular) products for styling men’s hair are clays and pastes, which each have their own specific use cases. In this guide, we’ll explain which hair types and styles are best suited for each, along with a catch-all option that can work for anyone.

Clay Pomade: A Moderate Hold Great for Longer Hair

First up, there’s clay. What people refer to as hair clay or styling clay is a kind of pomade that’s on the thicker side. It provides a moderate to strong hold that’ll last throughout the day, and it’s ideal for longer hairβ€”or shorter styles where a firmer hold or increased separation is critical.

Our clay pomade in particular offers a matte finish that’s perfect for longer quiffs or undercuts.

Texturizing Paste: A Lighter Hold Ideal for Shorter Hair

On the other end of the hair styling product spectrum, there’s paste. Paste is much lighter than clay, making it ideal for shorter hair. The hold is airy and natural, and it will still stay up all day, but it may start to wane a bit earlier than clay will. That said, it’s also a bit easier to wash out.

Our texturizing paste offers a β€œno product” look with a light but substantial hold for any style.

All-Purpose Pomade: The Best of Both Worlds

General or all-purpose pomades thread the needle, offering a middle-ground hold that’s lighter than a clay but heavier than a paste. It’s a great way to tone down longer hairstyles with a more natural look, or add some emphasis and drama to a shorter hairstyle without weighing it down.

Our all-purpose pomade is for anyone looking for versatility or a one-size-fits-all product.

Find Your New Favorite Hair Product Today

Ultimately, the best hair product for your hair comes down to your length and style, along with preferences in terms of hold, shine, and other factors. You can also use different products on the same styleβ€”or combine them!β€”to create different looks, depending on the occasion.

If you’re shopping around and comparing pomade vs clay vs other options, check out our shop to find the perfect solution. And don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you have!