The Art of Getting Waves

The Art of Getting Waves

There is no better feeling than waking up, looking in the mirror, taking off your durag and seeing that your waves are still intact β€” or so I’ve been told. While I personally have never attempted to get waves, I’ve grown up seeing the boys in my family attempt the look tirelessly and have watched people on Twitter having β€œwaves competitions.”

Waves, much like flat top haircuts, dreadlocks and twists, is a popular hairstyle in the Black community. However, unlike the many hairstyles aforementioned they can require a lot of maintenance and dedication. It can take months for someone to perfect that β€œwavy” look on their hair, but the end result is well worth it.

There are certain tools, products and accessories that aid in getting waves. Adding these tools to your shopping cart, and taking note of these tips will guarantee you being the β€œwaviest” person of 2021. Take a dive in these tips and steps and you won’t regret it.

What You Need:

- First and foremost you need a haircut. You won’t be able to get waves if your hair is too long, so, make sure to hit up our barbers at Artisan Barber or Orchard & Ludlow and ask for a short cut to get you started.

- Purchase shampoo and conditioner. Chances are, you already have a favorite shampoo and conditioner, any brand will work and do the job, especially those from our product lines!

- Moisturizer. Going for a light hair moisturizer is the best move. Shea Moisture has a pomade that is specifically for wave training. It’s best to do your research and see what moisturizer works best for you.

- Brushes. The most popular brush for training your hair to get waves is the Diane 100%Boar 2-Sided Club Brush, Medium and Firm Bristles. You most likely already own this brush or have one similar to it, so before going out and buying it, make sure to check your things!

- Most importantly, you need a durag. The size and the color doesn’t matter as long as you have a trusty durag. Polyester durags are the most common, but satin durags are especially good for your hair as it maintains the moisture and prevents breakage.


Step by Step

1. Book an appointment with your barber and get a haircut.


2. Don’t β€œover-shampoo” your hair. It’s best to wash your hair once a week at a maximum.


3. The best time to wash your hair is when it’s wet, that’s when it is easiest to train it. When brushing your hair, start from the crown of your head and brush towards your forehead. Brush forward and down when brushing from the sides of your head. This step requires patience and dedication, you’ll want to spend at least 15-20 minutes brushing your hair.


4. After brushing your hair make sure you moisturize. This will protect your hair from the breakage it may experience from being brushed for so long.


5. Finally, put on your durag. There are YouTube videos that can teach you how to put the mon if you encounter any difficulties, but it shouldn’t be too hard. You should wear your durag for 15-20 minutes after brushing your hair, although you can wear it at any point during the day. It’s most important however, to wear your durag when you’re going to sleep, whether that’s at night or during the day while you nap.


Those are the tips and steps you should follow to getting waves. Make sure to tag us@artisanbarber and @orchardandludlow on Instagram, to show us your waves after following these steps